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My work stands in the intersection between art and philosophy, it emerges from different practices I develop in order to understand my own existential questions. I search for answers while generating questions to create a space of reflection in which the spectators can delve into their own inquiries. I work across different media including ceramics, weaving, video, performance, and installation in order to explore the interrelationship between the natural world and human existence.

In my ongoing research, I address the fundamental issue of time. Reflecting upon our perception of it and how our existence is determined by its social understanding. Within each project I perform durational processes over long periods of time; archiving, walking, asking, recovering, observing, stitching and repeating always with aims to further understand each question. In this search and alluding time, I play with the durability and ephemerality of the materials I working with; candle light, paper, water, clay and organic matter amongst others.

My work process shifts between research and poetic gestures that enable me to grasp more closely the concept of time. Organic shapes, words and immersive spaces are then created as a result of this exploration. I am interested in how the final installation or interaction creates a space of reflection that invites the viewers to pose their own questions about existence and time. The most essential part of my work is to interrogate what seems to be unanswerable.

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