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When will the future arrive? / 2021

Exercises on circular time


When will the future arrive? Is an ongoing research project about the experience of time as a circle rather than a straight line. Each round is different from the previous one. Every path is infinite.


As we walk, each step marks a new route. Cyclical time can be experienced as an infinite duration. This means that we are living in our own past, present and future.


There is a clear attempt to measure clock time, but is this the only approach? Can we measure time in a different way?


This project has been developed across performance, video and installation. It invites the viewer to explore new ways of perception through experience, therefore the act of playing is fundamental. Moving in slow motion as a gesture of thought.


The sun raises every morning, waves come and go, we walk in circles and each round is different from the previous one. Our pace seems to head somewhere. But, when will the future arrive?

When will the future arrive? / 2021

Walking in circles

Performance / Still image

Screen Shot 2021-05-15 at 6.46.11 PM.png

Video Performance

Still image

Screen Shot 2022-07-11 at 4.20.04 PM.png

Site specific Video installation at Colosseum Kino

for Art Spring Berlin 




¿Cuándo va a llegar el futuro? / 2021

Video Performance and Instalación

Berlin, Germany 

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